Impact recognizes that the knowledge-based component of any training program encompasses only part of the necessary content needed to effect lasting, authentic, and positive change. These other components are based on emotions, attitudes, values, personality characteristics, and other qualities that are not always affected by the acquisition of new knowledge or skills. Our programs address the following key concepts in learner performance:


Incentive to learn can stem from many areas: a strong desire to please, intrinsic interest or value in the subject itself or the status or benefits accompanying new learning of skills. A common factor with motivation, however, is that it must be present or learning will be transient and shallow.

What can Impact do?

We help organizations by monitoring learner readiness to accept new knowledge or skills and by working with learners through a structured or semi-structured pre-training phase.


Learning that leads to a positive outcome such as recognition, promotion, or increased job efficiency will be more successful. However, such rewards are unique to each individual. Without knowing what drives an employee to succeed, a training program can miss the target and fail this individual or the entire group.

What can Impact do?

Our programs use self-directed strategies and benefits to customize the experience for each individual. As learning occurs, individuals reach self-generated benchmarks to reinforce their progress. Learning becomes personal and relevant to the learner's experience, style, and needs.

Knowledge of Results

Feedback throughout the learning process and after its formal completion leads to substantial individual and organizational gains. Knowing what skills or knowledge are deficient while engaged in new learning encourages quick adjustments in focus or attention. In addition, learners in workplace training programs need to have tangible, clear expectations and understanding of how their new skills and knowledge will make a difference to the overall organizational objectives and work product.

What can Impact do?

Our trainers provide ongoing and meaningful feedback throughout the training period and build processes for individuals to continue self-monitoring of performance long after the course itself finishes.

Authentic Learning

Learners require practice and experience to become proficient and for a transfer of learning from the theoretical to the actual to take place. Authentic learning is the process by which all key concepts are pulled together. When training is integrated into daily workplace tasks and activities, feedback is received, behaviours are reinforced, and, if successful, motivation surges.

What can Impact do?

We realize the importance of individuals' multifaceted lives and design authentic learning to address both workplace and non-workplace experiences. For example, interpersonal skill development is enhanced by authentic learning that considers work, family, and social factors. Our trainers become resources to offer ongoing support and new knowledge to ensure individuals proceed at a pace and level of difficulty suited to their unique circumstances.

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