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Quality trainers. Proven methodology. Tangible and lasting results.

Our client-driven and solutions-focussed approach places us at the frontier of putting learning theory into practice. We work collaboratively as a program development team to challenge our ourselves to achieve ongoing innovation.

When you attend an IMPACT workshop, you'll reap benefits immediately in the workplace. And we don't leave you when the training ends. Our proven ALF© methodology guarantees you'll receive the support you need to achieve maximum rewards.

Impact will customize workshop for on-site delivery. Our range of topics includes:

Managing e-Business Projects

Managing e-Government Projects

Managing and Evaluating a Project Management Office

Conducting a Post-Implementation Project Review

Managing People

Managing Teams

Managing Change

Managing Performance

Understanding Personality in the Workplace

Managing Workplace Conflict

Managing Workplace Delinquency

Building Corporate Identity

Managing Project Sabotage

Building Mentored Leadership Programs

Measuring Training Expectations and Results

Designing Research and Training Assessment Tools

Our course designers and consultants are able to customize a course to your specifications or to work with your training personnel to modify or expand existing corporate training programs. We excel in collaborative work projects; we train as we consult so the benefits stay with the organization long after our consultants leave. We can also supply training coaches to work individually or with groups of your in-house training staff to enhance their skills and teaching methodologies.

For customized programs and further information, contact:

Sandra Birrell
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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